Top 5 Quirkiest Match-ups This Season:

BYU at Mississippi

Why? Bronco Mendenhall told CBS Sports’ Brett McMurphy this summer that the current corruption in college football “absolutely” can be attributed to the huge amount of money made by coaches, especially the SEC, where 10 of 12 earn more than $2 million a year.

Oregon vs LSU

Why? Both Les Miles and Chip Kelly paid Texas based recruiting consultant (read: middleman) Will Lyle for recruiting information. Miles paid just over $5 grand for a report Lyle generated. Kelly paid $25 grand for similar information, and ended up signing a couple blue chip Texas high school athletes that Lyle claims he influenced. Kelly also bought himself a sweet NCAA investigation in the deal.

SMU at Texas A&M

Why? The Aggies are leaving the Big 12 and the Mustangs are begging the conference to let them take A&M’s place.

San Diego State at Michigan

Why? Brady Hokes left the Aztecs at the end of last season and now they’re coming to haunt him in Michigan Stadium.

UCLA at Utah

Why? Former UCLA and BYU offensive coordinator Norm Chow hosts his former employer in Salt Lake City.

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Is this Tailgate Heaven?

Well, it just might be if you hear this traditional Rebel Yell:


Hell yes! Damn Right!

Hotty Toddy, Gosh almighty!

Who the hell are we? Hey!

Flim Flam, Bim Bam


This is what Ole Miss fans enjoy every home game and BYU fans are about to experience this Saturday …

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Bruce Feldman Leaves ESPN for CBS Sports

“Swing Your Sword” by Mike Leach and former ESPN college football columnist Bruce Feldman is a great read, thanks to Leach’s offbeat stories and Feldman’s skillful writing.

Feldman was suspended by ESPN for taking part in the book – after they approved his involvement! Now, he’s with CBS College Sports, writing and commenting on camera. Get the scoop on ESPN’s behind-the-scenes manipulations regarding the Leach lawsuit and book.

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Why Didn’t Texas A&M Start Their Own TV Network?

I don’t know about you, but I’m scratching my head and wondering, “Why didn’t Texas A&M just start their own TV network like Texas did? Why does it seem they like they’re having a meltdown in the sandbox and don’t want to play with the neighborhood kids anymore?”

This article claims Texas invited the Aggies to join them in creating a TV network several years ago and A&M rejected the idea. By the time they changed their minds, Texas had determined they could make it work on their own.

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