The final pre-game press conference with TCU head coach Gary Patterson and Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema took place today in Los Angeles. This is the first of two parts featuring select quotes from Bret Bielema. Questions were posed by a variety of sportswriters in attendance.

You talked a little about your own personal experience in losing the Rose Bowl that you came out here for. For this team and how it will define the season, what is the difference between winning and losing the Rose Bowl game?

“Well, it’s a lot of memories that come with this week, but those memories will never be the same if it doesn’t have a win behind it. Coach Alvarez set the standard for the University of Wisconsin coming out here three times, winning three times in the same decade has never been done before in our conference.

So for him to do that, when I took over the job, I knew that record and what it all meant. More >