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Archive for December, 2010

Week 14 Game Picks

Conference championship week is finally here. This is the end of the road. For conferences without a title game, like the Big East, there are three games that factor into their champion this weekend with Connecticut at South Florida, Pitt at Cincinnati, and Rutgers at West Virginia. Connecticut controls their destiny, but if they slip, either Pitt or WVU could slip into the top conference spot. More >

Week 14 Game Pick Results

Is there any argument that Auburn vs. Oregon will be a terrific national championship game? Not really, but this year would have provided a perfect top 10 slate of teams for my bowl-preferred playoff format.  I’ll lay out how my format would work this year in an upcoming edition of 4th and inches … More >

4th and inches …

Auburn and Oregon are playing for all the peanuts on January 10 in a title game that most experts agree correctly matches the top two teams in the country.  But Yahoo Sport’s arch enemy of college football’s postseason bowl tradition has stepped up his annual chatter for a playoff.

The problem is, there is no objectivity in Dan Wetzel’s perspective. He is more hellbent on destroying the bowl game system than presenting a feasible playoff format. The venom literally drips from his pen’s fang.

Don’t think for a moment that a playoff system would eliminate the post-season bickering among college football fans. Regardless of whether a 4, 8 or 16-team playoff scenario was instituted, schools that were ranked just outside the margin of inclusion would continue the ever familiar postseason whine. More >