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Archive for January, 2009

Fourth and inches …

Fearless prediction: Utah’s 31-17 Sugar Bowl hammer job on Alabama will lead to a plus-one system to determine the national champion in D-1A college football when the ESPN contract kicks in after next season.

While the plus-one would have still been overloaded this year with five legitimate title qualifiers (Utah, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, USC), look for a new BCS formulation that would assure undefeated teams with respectable strength of schedule to make it to the final four. Under the new formulation, Utah’s SOS this season, which included wins over ranked teams like TCU, BYU, Oregon State and three other bowl-bound programs, would have been sufficient enough to land the Utes in a semifinal matchup.

Funny to see the love sportswriters like Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! are giving 13-0 Utah now, after the Utes surprised the masses with their Sugar Bowl victory.

Where were they all year long when the Utes and fellow Mountain West Conference teams were racking up a 6-1 record against Pac-10 opponents? Or when the conference’s last-place Wyoming knocked off the SEC’s Tennessee in Knoxville?

Wetzel does get it right when he points out how few, if any, pollsters even saw Utah play. For that, the Utes can thank Craig Thompson, commissioner of the MWC. Thompson oversaw the conference’s ill-advised defection from ESPN for a slightly weightier contract with now-defunct CSTV.
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