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Poinsettia Bowl Live Blog: TCU vs. Boise State

This is a special bowl game season live game blog featuring TCU vs. Boise State in the Poinsettia Bowl.

First Quarter


Well, Boise State starts the game off pulling a return play out of its bag of tricks. Ian Johnson fakes falling down and Vinny Perratta takes the kick about 7 yards before passing across the field to Johnson, who gains another 26 yards on the return.


BSU begins its first possession of the game at the 49-yard line. Nice 8-yard pickup on a pass from Kellen Moore to Jeremy Childs. Not a good start for the TCU defense.


The Broncos are moving down the field methodically, dinking and dunking their way toward a score. They’re now at the TCU 34 facing a second-and-15.


Horrible call by the officials — Moore threw way over his receiver and the refs called pass interference on nothing more than incidental contact. That’s a 15-yard gimme for the Broncos.
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Fourth and inches …

Eleven days, 17 bowl games, and close to 3,000 pounds of prime rib consumed (thanks to the Lawry’s Beef Bowl with Penn State and USC at the pre-Rose Bowl Game activities and Texas Tech and Mississippi at the pre-Cotton Bowl events).

So far, my predictions stand at a modest 10-7 record at the midway point.

Eagle Bank Bowl prediction: Wake Forest 27, Navy 20
Deacons gain revenge for upset loss to Navy back in September.
Final score: Wake Forest 29, Navy 19

New Mexico Bowl: Colorado State 31, Fresno State 28
Gartrand Johnson runs wild (27 carries, 285 yards, two TDs)
Final score: Colorado State 40, Fresno State 35

St. Petersburg Bowl: South Florida 38, Memphis 24
The Bulls win a home bowl game that was never close after the first quarter.
Final score: South Florida 41, Memphis 14

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