Weekly Picks – 2010 Season

Week 11 Game Pick Results

Now that Auburn has survived scrappy instate rival Georgia,  they’re set to clash with South Carolina again – this time for the SEC championship on December 4. The Tigers defeated the Gamecocks back in September, 35-27, but that was a home game …

Don’t underestimate how difficult it is to beat the same team twice in a season. If Auburn can make it past both Alabama on November 26 and South Carolina in the SEC title, they’re a lock to face Oregon in the BCS national title game. But that’s a big “if” in my book. I think Alabama is going to derail the Tiger Express. You hear that, TCU? More >

Week 12 Game Picks

Crunch time with the last three weeks of the regular season on the line … look for a couple surprising upsets this weekend … I’m still looking ahead to the Iron Bowl next weekend and will hang with my prediction of a ‘Bama victory. More >

Week 12 Game Pick Results

Texas A&M and Oregon State proved that middle of the pack BCS teams still have some upset punch remaining in their play books this late in the season. The Aggies squeaked by Nebraska in a final 9-6 score that sounded more like a baseball game. Oregon State thumped Southern Cal, 36-7 to pass the Trojans in the Pac-10 standings. USC is now 7-4 on the season and ineligible for bowl game participation with a final game vs. Notre Dame this weekend in Los Angeles. More >

Week 13 Game Picks

This holiday weekend is one of your playoff rounds, folks.  Eight of these 20 games have BCS bowl bids on the line – three of them with national title implications. More >

Week 13 Game Pick Results

This was a tough week with seemingly sure picks like USC, Cal, Pitt and Boise State all taking a dive on the gridiron. The biggest shock was Nevada’s upset over Boise State, with a solid kicker like Kyle Brotzman blowing two close field goal attempts – one with 2 seconds remaining for the win, and the other in overtime. More >

Week 14 Game Picks

Conference championship week is finally here. This is the end of the road. For conferences without a title game, like the Big East, there are three games that factor into their champion this weekend with Connecticut at South Florida, Pitt at Cincinnati, and Rutgers at West Virginia. Connecticut controls their destiny, but if they slip, either Pitt or WVU could slip into the top conference spot. More >