Weekly Picks – 2010 Season

Week 8 Game Pick Results

Five more weeks of regular season football and fan interest couldn’t be higher. The last two week’s number one teams have both been knocked off. Don’t think it can’t happen to Oregon this weekend in the Los Angeles Coliseum vs. USC.  It would be a win that would make the season for the Trojans, since they are banished from competing for the Pac-10 crown and a bowl berth until 2012. More >

Week 9 Game Picks

This week’s match-ups feature more clearcut winners –  the five of us are in complete agreement on 13 games. I’m breaking from the pack on a couple games, most notably with my pick of Missouri over Nebraska. Can USC make it three in a row this week for the underdog knocking off the #1 team? More >

Week 9 Game Pick Results

Another weekend that was about as topsy-turvy as you can get. Mizzou and Michigan State both suffered their first losses. The entire panel whiffed on Notre Dame’s loss to Tulsa and Texas’ loss to Baylor. How in the world are Longhorns fans going to survive this season after losing at home to Baylor? More >

Week 10 Game Picks

Plenty of great games this weekend … TCU at Utah … Alabama at LSU … Arkansas at South Carolina … Baylor at Oklahoma State … The panel of picksters are unanimous on 13 of the 20 games. Ya gotta love college football. More >

Week 10 Game Pick Results

Wow, the upsets just keep piling up this season. The most shocking outcome this week in my book?  Texas’ loss to Kansas State.  Sure, Alabama’s loss to LSU was a mild upset and UCLA’s win over Oregon State was rather stunning, but the Longhorns’ loss to Kansas State certified Texas as a total bust for 2010. What a fall from the ranks of the Big Boys after playing Alabama for the national championship just 10 months ago. More >

Week 11 Game Picks

Crunch time. We’re only three weeks away from conference title week and BCS Selection Sunday. The Texas – Oklahoma State game is very intriguing. If the Longhorns lose again at home, they’ll have to win their last two games to become bowl eligible. It they win, they’ll really muck up the Big 12 South Division picture. More >