Weekly Picks – 2010 Season

Week 1 Game Picks

Follow my game picks each week throughout the season compared against four colleagues from the Football Writers Association of America. (Source: Rivals.com/Yahoo Sports).
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Week 1 Pick Results

Gerry Ahern and Tom Dienhart got a quick start on the season and took a 3-pick lead over the rest of the pack.     
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Week 2 Game Picks

There are only five games this week where there isn’t a consensus pick for the winner.

Looks like I’m really going out on a limb with my Florida St. pick.
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Week 4 Game Picks

This week’s picks are pretty tough. Dienhart continues to rule, but it’s a long season. Lots of yardage to cover.

Giddyup. Daylight’s burnin’.
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Week 4 Game Pick Results

Man, this was a tough week. I thought Notre Dame would rebound and pull off a close win over Stanford in South Bend. How could Brian Kelly lose three in a row with the talent he has at his disposal? And who in their right mind would’ve picked UCLA to knock off Texas in Austin, North Carolina State rolling over Georgia Tech in Atlanta or Mississippi State handing it to Georgia? More >

Week 5 Game Picks

Time to go out on a limb again … I think ASU can take Oregon State if they play up to their potential this weekend and eliminate turnovers. North Carolina State has a solid chance to handle Virginia Tech, too. Sure bets: Alabama over Florida and Iowa over Penn State. More >