College Gridiron 365 Sweet 16

CG365 Sweet Sixteen – Week 4

Alabama passed their first major test in SEC play but it doesn’t get any easier with #7 Florida visiting Tuscaloosa this weekend. Arkansas proved they deserve to retain a lofty spot in the Sweet 16, at least for the time being. I downgraded Oregon after seeing them struggle mightily with ASU. They should rebound at home this week vs. #12 Stanford.

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CG365 Sweet Sixteen – Week 5

Another great weekend of college football coming up. If you’re looking for a handful of good match-ups to catch this weekend, make sure to check out Alabama at South Carolina, Arkansas at Texas A&M, Oregon State at Arizona, Michigan State at Michigan, Florida State at Miami, and USC at Stanford. More >

CG365 Sweet Sixteen – Week 6

Get ready for seismic shifts in the Sweet 16 from now on. There are thirteen undefeated teams remaining and thanks to head-to-head competition coming up between several of them (LSU-Auburn, Nebraska-Missouri, TCU-Utah, to name a few) only seven can possibly end up perfect at the end of the regular season. More >

CG365 Sweet Sixteen – Week 9

Oregon is not only #1 – they also have a schedule that looks like clear sailing the rest of the season. USC was really about the last chance a Pac-10 team had to knock the Ducks off their flight south to Glendale, Arizona for the national title game on January 10. More >

CG365 Sweet Sixteen – Week 10

The Ducks remain on top, but TCU’s dominating road win over Utah pushed them northward on the CG365 Sweet 16 this week. The Frogs ended the Utes’ 21-game home winning streak in a surprising blowout, 47-7. BSU dropped two slots with their light schedule taking its toll. Meanwhile LSU, Wisconsin, Stanford and Oklahoma State all made significant moves up the chart. More >