Pac-12 super power Washington State hosted Idaho State at the beginning of this season and led the game 40-0 at the half on their way to a 64-21 win. Wazzu gave up 386 passing yards in that game, too.  More recently, fellow D-1AA opponent Montana shut down the Bengals 33-0 and yielded only 147 yards passing and 5 first downs. It sounds like it could be a real turkey shoot in Provo this weekend.

Here’s a quick To-Do list of what the Cougars need to do against ISU:

  1. Win big. BYU needs to beat the Bengals by at least four touchdowns to come out of the game with their self-respect intact, let alone respect in the college football community.
  2. Keep your first stringers injury-free. Easier said than done because injuries are pretty random, but the coaching staff can control exposure to injury by using a lot of the 2’s and 3’s in the depth chart. They’ll do just fine. Note to Doman: That means giving James Lark some decent playing time, too.
  3. Lock down Kevin Yost and his passing game. The kid is averaging 306 yards per game and had 386 vs. Washington State. But if Montana can hold him to 147, by golly we better see that out of the Cougar defense. Montana had four sacks, recovered four fumbles, and intercepted Yost 3 times.
  4. Work on building Heaps’ confidence up. This doesn’t mean playing him the entire second half. It means giving him enough reps on the plays he struggled with the most through USU. This can be accomplished in 3-4 possessions.
  5. Don’t let Riley chug the rock unless he has to scramble. He needs as many passing reps as possible in the first half. We all know he can run. Get him the passing reps.
  6. Hold Rodrick Rumble to 6 receptions, 70 yards, and no touchdowns for the game. (He’s Yost’s go-to receiver, averaging over 10 grabs 1 TD catch per game).
  7. Don’t get conservative and run the ball every play to bleed the clock when the game is put away. Keep on passing.
  8. And this one’s for the fans: Give Tom Holmoe a mulligan for scheduling a Division 1-AA team because of the compressed time frame he had to cobble together the 2011 independent schedule.