Several key non-conference match-ups will give us a better snapshot of where the season is headed this weekend. Games like ‘Bama at Penn State with the ghost of the Bear watching over Happy Valley;  the old school classic of Notre Dame and Michigan; the SEC’s outgoing champion Auburn vs. the New Miss Kids on the Block, and independent BYU at could-be-independent-before-the-season’s-over Texas.

There’s gotta be an upset lurking somewhere among what we collectively figure are 14 surefire selections. I’m lone wolfin’ it on Hawaii over Washington while Ahern is banking on Boston College over UCF, and Dienhart is flying solo with Air Force over TCU and Vandy over Connecticut.

Week 2 


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Mike Huguenin
Season % (15-5) .750 (13-7) .650 (14-6) .700 (15-5) .750
Missouri at Arizona State ASU ASU ASU ASU
Iowa at Iowa State Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa
Oregon State at Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin
Mississippi St at Auburn MSSt MSSt MSSt MSSt
Toledo at Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State
San Diego St at Army SDSU SDSU SDSU SDSU
Rutgers at No. Carolina UNC UNC UNC UNC
Hawaii at Washington Hawaii Washington Washington Washington
California at Colorado Cal Cal Cal Cal
TCU at Air Force TCU TCU Air Force TCU
Alabama at Penn State Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama
Cincinnati at Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee
Utah at Southern Cal USC USC USC USC
So. Carolina at Georgia So. Carolina So. Carolina So. Carolina So. Carolina
No. Illinois at Kansas Kansas Kansas NIU NIU

at Texas

Texas Texas Texas Texas
Connecticut at Vanderbilt Connecticut Connecticut Vanderbilt Connecticut
Virginia at Indiana UVa UVa UVa UVa
Notre Dame at Michigan Michigan Notre Dame Michigan Notre Dame
Boston Coll at UCF UCF Boston College UCF UCF