AUBURN vs. OREGON in the BCS National Championship … No doubt, it will be an exciting clash between two turbo-powered, undefeated teams featuring the Tigers’ Heisman Trophy winner-to-be, Cam Newton.

Three of the other four BCS games offer exciting matchups, too, including TCU vs. Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl, Ohio State vs. Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl, and Stanford vs. Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl.

The big wart in this year’s BCS lineup is the Fiesta Bowl. Oklahoma is worthy, but let’s face it, Connecticut is a joke.

THIS YEAR’S BCS CONN JOB The only Big East team in the final BCS rankings is West Virginia (9-3) ranked at #22, and yet, conference co-champion Connecticut (8-4) gained the automatic BCS berth. Put that in your blender and drink it. It’s a very bitter taste to every college football fan, save the Huskies, their fans and their conference mates who will gladly cash their cut of UConn’s Fiesta Bowl haul.

I’m not making a case for WVU to be playing in a BCS bowl game, either. Not one team from the Big East is BCS bowl-worthy this season.

Michigan State (11-1, co-champs, Big Ten); Nevada or Boise State (both 11-1 and co-champs of the WAC); and three 10-2 teams – Oklahoma State, LSU and Missouri – are all far more worthy than what the Big East has to offer.

To put some context into Connecticut’s lack of BCS bowl-worthiness, the Huskies’ four losses came against Michigan (7-5, 7th place Big Ten); Temple (8-4, 3rd place MAC); Rutgers (4-8, 8th place Big East); and, Louisville (6-6, 5th Big East). Except for a 3-point loss to Rutgers, UConn’s other three losses were by 20, 14 and 26 points.

The fact that Connecticut gains an auto-berth to the Fiesta Bowl adds considerable fuel to the outcry from an ever-growing legion of fans and sportswriters who are hellbent on bringing an end to the BCS’ role in college football’s postseason.

Comments like this from BCS honcho Bill Hancock don’t help:

Bill Hancock, executive director, Bowl Championship Series

“Once again, the BCS has delivered.  It has matched the number one and number two teams in the championship game, while delivering outstanding matchups featuring eight other top teams from around the country.”

Hogwash. By the BCS’ own ranking system, Connecticut isn’t even a top 25 team.

BCS: UPDATE YOUR REQUIREMENTS … The changes needed are simple. To qualify for an automatic BCS berth, a conference champion must a) have no more than 3 losses, and b) be ranked among the top 16 teams in the final regular season BCS standings.

These basic requirements would have eliminated any Big East team from consideration for a BCS berth this season.

There would also have to be a clause, if a conference did not have a qualifying team, that would allow other conferences to place a third team in a BCS bowl game.

Based on the final 2010 BCS standings, the 2011 Fiesta Bowl would have been able to feature Big 12 champion Oklahoma vs. Michigan State, Nevada, Boise State, or LSU.

One thing you can be sure of is that Hancock will be rooting for UConn to pull off a cinderella upset over Oklahoma to justify the sham matchup that college football fans are being served on January 1 in Glendale, Arizona.